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"We Will Bury You Politically" Babu Owino Delivers Message To Ruto

Babu Owino, Kenya' s most outspoken politician and Member of Parliament for Embakasi East, has slammed Deputy President William Ruto' s bottom- up economic strategy and threatened to keep the second in command out of politics forever. " Ruto, you took our money, our dreams, and our future and dumped us here.

  3 months ago ago


"We Will Bury You Politically" Babu Owino Deconstructs Ruto in Ol Kalau

Babu Owino stole the show in Ol Kalau and became the man of the moment after he deconstructed all the plans and promises that Ruto has been going around telling Kenyans, and termed them as nonsense. Babu said that the bottom Up approach is inviting poverty in our society and we want to move on, he said that money must come up, distributed to the constituencies for development, so Ruto should stop enticing the youths with foolish promises.

  3 months ago ago


"Sorry but We Will Not..." State Agency Says Dealing Raila Odinga's Proposal a Huge Blow

Raila Odinga's proposal to have loans issued by the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) turned into grants has received a huge blow from the government agency. According to them, they will not turn students' loams into grants into a grant saying that the move would kill the mission of having the agency having been formed by the government through an act of parliament.

  6 months ago ago