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usikule fare

"Usikule Fare, Fika Ujionee" : Mashirima Kapombe Advises Netizens

Swahili news anchor at Citizen Television, Mashirima Kapombe has excited netizens after posting her photos. She captioned the photos saying, "What I thought of Garissa and what I experienced was totally different! Moral of the story is that, Usikule Fare fika Ujionee. The last picture is everything." She hilarious advised people to stop the habit of eating or consuming transport fee that one is given. They ought to visit the place and witness with their own eyes. She was referring to the fact that many people

  2 months ago

"Usikule Fare!" Citizen TV's Mashirima Kapombe Reveals the Tough Lesson she Learnt

Renown Royal Media journalist Mashirima Kapombe has been an influential journalist in the country courtesy of her fluency and professionalism when she anchors news. For that reason of her ever growing fame, she has today caused stir after her message over a tough lesson she learnt during this valentines season. The swahili journalist in her message told Kenyans that they should learn to use the fair which they are usually sent by their lovers. This is because in the message, Mashirima stated that she was met

  2 months ago