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"Tibim, Tialalaa, Riaaa" Former Raila Ally Sparks Reactions as he Sarcastically 'Reveals' This

The next general election slated for 2022 is fast approaching wnd political dynamics arr beginning to change significantly throughout the country. (Photo, Courtesy) Various leaders have began crisscrossing the country in a votehunt to spearhead their bids to ascend to different elective positions come the general election.

  2 months ago ago


Dr. Boni Khalwale- "In 2017, Our Economic Model as NASA Was Tibim, Tialalaa, Riaaa"

As 2022 locks in, parties, interested individuals and coalitions are preparing themselves so as to showcase their strength in the next general election. The pro-BBI team are using the manifestos that are enclosed in the Building Bridges Initiative whose fate is yet to be known. On the other hand, the Ruto-allied team which is against the BBI report have the bottom up economic model which has so far been the topic of discussion on social media.

  2 months ago ago
Dr. Boni Khalwale-