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"Aende Nyumbani" Ruto Watches as Crowd Shouts Back at MP as He Attacked Raila (Video)

Deputy President William Ruto began his grassroots campaigning in Machakos County today, stopping in Tala Town. He watched as the mob shouted back at Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro as they (the crowd) celebrated the MP while firing at ODM leader Raila Odinga after he called his friends to address the gathering.

  8 days ago ago


Packaging firm starts campaign to recycle cartoon

Packaging company Tetra Pak has started a campaign to recycle cartons to protect the environment. The firm said the recycled material can be used to make benches, tiles, paper towels and dustbins, among other items. Tetra Pak has been running a campaign, Go Nature Go Carton, which was this year themed around recycling of cartons and tree planting.

  3 months ago ago
Packaging firm starts campaign to recycle cartoon