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"Illuminati Sio Mchezo" A Popular Musician Opens Up, Lectures Erick Omondi

Stanley Atieno alias Apesi Mnyama-Mkali is a Kenyan songwriter and a vocalist, mostly known by his hit 'Kublus' and Obunga to the world sounds. He is from Kisumu and among the upcoming and hardworking artists wbo are utilising their talents to the best.Photo//Courtesy. Speaking during an interview, Apesi has opened up on the issue of circulating stories of the illuminati cult, as far as musicians and celebrities are concerned.

  3 months ago ago


"ENYEWE 2022 Sio Mchezo" What Vocal MP Was Spotted Doing To His Villagers, Sparking Reactions

Photo courtesy As 2022 Kenya general elections are nearly approaching different politicians are doing their best to win people's heart in order to get votes. Politicians are empowering youths and less fortunate people in our society. They are also using different strategies to win elections, these includes attending birazze meetings and political rallies, doing door to door campaigns among other methods.

  1 month ago ago


"Kweli Saudi Sio Mchezo" Reactions After Photo Of AKenyan Lady Currently Working In Saudi Went Viral

Photo courtesy Due to lack of enough employment opportunities in this country, many teenagers prefer to look the best alternative of surviving in this hard life situations. Most prefer traveling in upcoutries like Emirate countries eg Saudi Arabia, Qatar inorder to secure a job opportunity and hope to live a desirable life.

  9 months ago ago


"Labour Ward Sio Mchezo" -Mulamwah's Girlfriend Warned As She Is Spotted Pulling Risky Dance Moves

Comedian Mulamwah and Carol Sonie are on the journey of expecting there rainbow baby after they lost their first baby two years ago. The couple are happy over the pregnancy and they are doing everything to keep things work, including attending clinic for check-ups together. Mulamwah has been doing almost everything as a father to be.

  11 months ago ago


"Enyewe 2022 Sio Mchezo " See What UDA Ally Was Spotted Doing In Kiosk, Sparking Reactions

Photo courtesy As 2022 Kenya general elections are around the corner, many politicians are doing their doing campaigns across different counties by selling their manifestos to common Wananchi inorder to secure their seats coming August 2022. Some politicians are using different strategies to win people's heart, these includes offering volunteer services, knocking door to door to beg for votes among other methods.

  3 months ago ago


"Kweli 2022 Sio Mchezo" Photos Of Kenyan Politicians Doing This Towards 2022 Sparks Reactions Online

Photo courtesy As 2022 Kenya general elections are approaching, many politicians are currently doing their best inorder to lead in that election. Majority are using different manifesto in convincing people to vote for them, these includes, hosting various rallies, attending burial services, paying school fees for the needy, sharing food with a common mwananchi etc.

  8 months ago ago


"14 Years Sio Mchezo" Man Celebrate After Joining KDF, Sends Message To KDF Officers

The journey of Gideon Sang has not been easy after trying for more than 14 years to be recruited in Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) but his dream has finally come true . He managed to pass all the examination of KDF recruitment at Kapsabet Showgrounds as he revealed that this time he was lucky simply because most of the people were turned away because of lacking good documents.

  6 months ago ago


"Mr President Sir!! Nmekuletea Dawa Ya Corona Na Sio Mchezo"- Internet Erupts After A Man Did This

Kenyans will never dissapoint, they will do everything Untill they get what they want. In the recent days a man has caused roar over the internet after he claimed to have a valid cure for Covid-19 and has brought it to our president. According to Nyandarua TV who took it on Facebook, the man is identified as Mr Wanjohi AKA Elnihoh from Ol kalau Nyandarua county. Wankohi passed his message clear through a big display banner where he wrote, " My President Sir!!! Nmekuletea Dawa ya Corona ( Covid-19) na Sio Mchezo."

  1 year ago ago


“Sio Mchezo”: This Photos Give a Glimpse of What it takes To Win an Olympic Medal

If you thought winning an Olympic medal was hard, think again. It is actually harder from what you will observe from these exclusive photos. Evidently, not only demands endless work and dedication but also requires a whole lot of endurance. These athletes have to sacrifice a lot to be in their best shape for the competitive fete.

  9 months ago ago
“Sio Mchezo”: This Photos Give a Glimpse of What it takes To Win an Olympic Medal