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seeds of gold


Why Boran Bull Of Kenya Is Refered To As "Seeds Of Gold" By Many Farmers In The World.

Domestication of cattles can be described as old as human civilization. The practice of keeping animals begun many million years when human being adopted sedentary lifestyle. During those early days, man mainly kept animals for companionship, security and food production. In the modern contemporary society, a vast breeds of farms animals are kept.

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Why Boran Bull Of Kenya Is Refered To As


"Seeds Of Gold" Meet The Modern Sheep Breed That Is Currently Making Many People Wealthy (Photos).

Sheep rearing is practised in different counties of Kenya. Sheep is mainly kept for wool and mutton production. The wool is used for making a variety of products such as clothes and seats. Sheep farming can be carried out intensively or extensively depending on the market demand, capital availability, size of the land and farmers level of agricultural skills.

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"Seeds Of Gold" Best Goat Breed That Is Highly Profitable To Keep In Kenya.

Kenya is an agricultural country. Agriculture contributes to about 80 percent of Kenya's economy. Farmers in Kenya keep different types of animals ranging from small domestic fowl to large camels and cattles. These animals provide food and raw materials. Some of the raw materials provided by the domestic animals include; feathers, hooves, mutton, wool, mohair, horns, hides and skins.

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