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Victor chases Sofia away as he realizes Sofia and her mother plans to steal his wealth
Maria tv Show: See What Sandra did to William and Mejja after Finding out the Truth
A surprise as Victor accepts Vicky, Vanessa and Luwi back to his mansion
Maria tv Show: Pupa Move that Will Leave Victor Homeless
Maria series; Phantom is not dead!
Maria 11th January 2021 written episode, part 2
Maria Tv Show: Victor does the unthinkable to his sick Mother
Maria tv Show: See what Victor did to Vicky after she Fainted at his Door step
Maria 3rd February 2021 written episode, part 2
Maria Series: Lorna withdraws charges against Victor due to her love for money
Maria Show: Victor And Sofia In Trouble As Luwi And Vanessa Plans To Do This.
Maria series; Lorna finally signs the Documents!
Diamond Platinumz's Wealth and luxurious lifestyle.
Maria Series: You Can't Believe How Lorna Was Tricked To Sign The Papers For Child Support
Maria series: What Victor will do to Lorna after failing to sign the Documents?
Maria 22nd December 2020 written episode, part 1.
Maria Citizen: See How Lorna Made Luwi Almost Cry After Being Bribed By Phantom
Maria Tv Series: Sofia Betrays Victor