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ni wewe

Meet the Beautiful Gospel Musician Janet Otieno (Photos)

Janet Otieno is a famous gospel musician from Luo land. She is blessed with the perfect singing voice which she has won many people's heart. Her talent in composing and writing gospel lyrics makes her different from other gospel artists. Hers is a gift from heaven. She is the third born in a family of eight children. Janet is also a family lady as she's happily married and blessed with three kids. She started her music in a her early age where she used to perform in her local church. God uprighted her and she

  5 hours ago
Meet the Beautiful Gospel Musician Janet Otieno (Photos)

"Men's Conference Ni Wewe" Sauti Sol's Savara Pampers Girlfiend

The 14th of February marked a chilled Valentine's Day as the weather turns gloomy over heavy rains last night and earlier today. Valentine's day is celebrated all over the world every February with lovers spending time together to celebrate love and good times. However, men have devised a way to get away with expenses that come about taking their significant other out or buying them gifts. In Kenya, social media was awash with memes of men attending the men's conference with the legendary Mzee Kibor going viral.

  2 months ago