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ni karembo


"Ni Karembo"- She's Just 18-Years-Old But Has Mature Curves And Beauty Like A 25-Year Queen (Photos)

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and true to this, African men have a taste for curvy women. This statement is true and most of us will agree with me when we conclude that not all ladies that i will see Beautiful that will end up to be beautiful to another person. This is simply because men tend to differ when it comes to ladies and their Beauty. Different men have different ways of defining beauty and this is where the gap is Created. Some men will consider dating young, Curvy and light

  1 year ago ago


"Ni Karembo" Mixed Reactions After Kabi wa Jesus Finally Introduces His Daughter, Abby Online

Netizens have been left with mixed reactions after Kabi wa Jesus finally introduces his daughter, Abby online. This comes barely some days after Abby's mother took to the contraversial blogger Edgar Obare, claiming that Kabi Wajesus has not been playing his role as Abby's father.

  6 months ago ago