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mungu awasaidie


"Mungu Awasaidie" See What Happened Along Limuru That Those Heading There Should Know

In the recent days, so many number of accidents have been reported across the country. Most of these accidents according to the NTSA are being caused by driver's carelessness as well as passengers ignorance where they do not care whether they follow all the safety rules on the road.

  5 months ago ago


"Mungu Awasaidie" See What UoN Did To 30,000 Students That Has Left Kenyans Talking.

University of Nairobi commonly abbreviated UoN is one of the leading academic powerhouses in East and Central Africa offering higher education to people. The instruction's main branch is located in Nairobi County, Nairobi city. The incumbent Vice Chancellor of UoN is Dr. Steven Kiama. The Vice Chancellor is in charge of all academic affairs within the university.

  3 months ago ago


“Mungu Awasaidie" Family And Friends To Tom Okwach Now In Sadness After This Happened

The death of miner Tom Okwach, whose family and friends are still struggling to come to grips with his passing, has really left them in a deep sorrow.They had written a letter to the government dated last year 2021, begging for assistance in tracking down and rescuing their son, who is still believed to be trapped beneath the surface.

  5 months ago ago
“Mungu Awasaidie