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Young Kenyan Couples Who Are Making Boss Moves

Love is a beautiful thing and doesn't respect the age. A thriving relationship requires maturity and not the age. Here are a few Kenyan love birds who are young yet with a promising future. Thee Pluto is a kenyan YouTuber. He is a student in Jomo Kenyatta University but despite being a student, he's already a millionaire.

  25 days ago ago
Young Kenyan Couples Who Are Making Boss Moves


"Stop Telling Me Nonsense" MungaiEve Claps Back At A Fan For Acusing His Lover Of Neglecting His Kid

Meet Kenyan youtuber, Mungai Eve. She is not only a content creator for youtube and tiktok but also a celebrity, media personality, influencer, blogger and a fashionista. She has gained favour among celebrities as she has been seen a lot of times with big celebrities such as Willy Paul, Betty Kyalo and even Azziad Nasenya.

  2 months ago ago