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"Nitawachia Kiti, Mtu Yeyote," Uhuru Now Says As He Deconstructs Ruto And His Hustler Narrative

Today, it appears that President Uhuru has backtracked on his earlier claim that he would not transfer power to a group of people he had previously decried as thieves. President Uhuru stated today in Naivasha that he will cede control to the winner of the election. Uhuru spoke, "Yule mwenye mtachagua, Nitawachia Kiti na Maisha isonge."

  10 months ago ago


"Sisi Hatujaolewa na Mtu Yeyote" Mt. Kenya Governor Sparks Reactions Over His Words On Ruto's Party

Photo courtesy is used to report the news. Governor Mutahi who is a bonafide United Democratic Alliance (UDA) member said Mt Kenya won't allow being downplayed in the party. Trouble seems to be brewing in the United Democratic Alliance (U.D.A) as a section of members cite underhand machinations against them.

  6 months ago ago