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lgbtq society


"Don't Get Depressed You are A Blessing, You Are Not an Option" Anita Nderu Advices Ntalami.

Mitchelle Ntalami 's friends have come out to encourage and rescue her from falling into depression. One of her best friend Anita Nderu, who is also a former member of the LGBTQ Society, has come out openly via her official Instagram stories to encourage Mitchelle Ntalami, to stay strong and move on with life.

  24 days ago ago


"I'm in LGBTQ Society, and I had Already Introduced my Girlfriend to My Parents" Brenda Jons.

Kenyan top female content creator and youtuber Brenda Jons, has finally made it clear that she is not straight and she is a very active member of the LGBTQ society. Speaking on Instagram live with Buzroom Kenya. Brenda Jons said that she really loved her girlfriend,and she had even introduced her to her parents and even paid school fees for her daughter and provided her with everything she needed, but the girl still cheated on her with Phoina.

  2 months ago ago