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"He Was Tricked Into His Death Trap by a Close Friend" Teary Wife Narrates

Photo: Courtesy One lady is in agony following the death of her husband. She narrated how a friend to the deceased allegedly tricked him into his death trap. His family in Embu is now looking for justice following the sudden demise of the man who was identified as Newton Karish Mugendi, commonly known as MC Newto, a famous emcee in Embu.

  3 months ago ago


Always listen to your elders.

Life is a marathon and not a sprint, and good things always take long to materialize. I remember when I was a kid I learned a very vital lesson to always allow nature to take it's own course. I used to have a small kitchen garden behind our house, and one day I stole some seeds from my parents store house and went and planted them in my small kitchen garden. But kids will always be kids , I kept on coming to the garden after every hour to scoop the seed out of the ground to see if the seeds were germinating

  1 year ago ago
Always listen to your elders.