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joab okeya


"I Moved From A Cleaner To A Restaurant Director. Jalango Changed My Life Completely." Joab stated.

Joab Okeya from Nairobi believes that he is an inspiration to upcoming businesses people as he narrated how he moved from a cleaner in a restaurant to Hotel Owner. He stated that he aproached Felix Jalango who is a businessman and a comedian, he not only gave him money to start the restaurant but also empowered him as a person.

  3 months ago ago


"He Gave Me 10 Million To Start A Restaurant. How A Popular Comedian Changed My Life Completely;Joab

A man reffered to as Joab Okeya from Nairobi, candidly narrated how a popular comedian changed his life completely. This is after he handed him with a proposal that changed his life completely. He said that the comedian who was also his friend trusted him with ten million Kenyan shillings which he use to start a restaurant.

  3 months ago ago