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See The Giant Country In East Africa With The Most Beautiful Port(Photos).
Sad News As Another Vehicle Plunges Into The Indian Ocean [PHOTOS]
10 Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit In Kenya
Driver of The Truck Which Plunged Into Indian Ocean Talks, Accuses Ferry Operator of Causing Mishap
Another vehicle plunges into the Indian Ocean
Kenya Ferry Hints Mistakes Drivers Are Making Thus Plunging Into Indian Ocean, Gives Guideline
Another Bad Accident at Likoni Ferry Barely Hours After A Trailer Plunged Into The Indian Ocean
Another vehicle plunges into Indian Ocean at Likoni channel
Likoni Ferry On The Headline Again As Trailer Plunges Into Indian Ocean At Likoni Channel
Detailed Report on The Trailer that Plunged into The Indian Ocean Today Morning.
Take a look at a trailer that plunged into the Indian Ocean at Likoni this morning
Another Truck Plunges Into The Ocean
A blackspot? A trailer truck plunges into the Indian Ocean at the Likoni channel.
Finer Details of What Exactly Happened Before the Pick-up Overturned at Likoni Channel
Trailer plunges into sea at Likoni Channel, just two days after tour bus suffers same tragedy.
A Car Overturned at the Likoni Channel Station
Sad Kenyans React As Another Vehicle Plunge Into Indian Ocean In Span of 4 Days
Trailer Loses Control, plunges into the Indian Ocean
Kenyans react over the overturning vehicles at Likoni.
Government Should Do Something At Likoni Before A Bigger Tragedy