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“Hauwezi Graduate Na Urudi Ushago," Jalas And Kamene Tells Graduates

Several youths are still stranded in the streets searching for job opportunities in the country. However, most of them graduate from various universities but they are not employed due to lack of job opportunities. Other students end up shifting from the urban area and divert their attention to the agricultural sector.

  5 months ago ago
“Hauwezi Graduate Na Urudi Ushago,


DP Ruto Uses Raila's BBI To Finish Him Politically In Migori (Video)

DP Ruto rocked Raila's political bedroom in Migori leaving no table unturned. He launched a major attack against Raila used BBI as a weapon to finish Raila at home ground. DP Ruto did everything he could in Migori that left the youths celebrating too much until Ruto had to calm them down.

  2 months ago ago
DP Ruto Uses Raila's BBI To Finish Him Politically In Migori (Video)


"Kama Wewe Ni Project Hauwezi Faulu" Baringo MCA Tells Uhuru's Political Project He Won't Succeed

Baringo MCA while in a function said that Gideon Moi won't succeed as a government political project.In a video shared by nothrift news on facebook the MCA is heard saying that Gideon Moi hasn't done anything for them yet he expects them to support him come 2022.

  7 months ago ago