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Five Nganyas That You Should Have Boarded In Nairobi

1. Hellheaven This is a new jav in town operating along Jogoo road under Salty Soup sacco, it was first recognise by its grand entrance in town where it cought eyes of many in town. Since then hellheaven famously known as kaka mbweha has got endless love by many matatu users along the route. In the videos passagers are seen running to board the luxurious matatu leaving other famous jav. Inside Kaka mbweha there is 14inch screen on every seat and other screens on the sides not leaving out the main 55 inch screen.

  4 days ago
Five Nganyas That You Should Have Boarded In Nairobi

What Has "Makangas" Told You That You Will Never Forgive Them For? Here Are Some Memes On "Makangas"

As much as "makangas" are very helpful to us, they also take us through some experiences that leave many regretting.When interpreted, their sentiments contain some hidden meaning, and behind that word lies an excruciating truth.Kenyans know this very well, for Kenyan "makangas" are known for funny answers and comments they do give passengers.

  7 days ago
What Has

"Life Outside Politics Is Stress Free", Sparked Reactions As Former Nairobi Governor Sonko Claims

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko caused storms online, when he recently claimed that life outside politics was stress free and that he was enjoying every bit of it as a normal citizen. Penning his thoughts on a post from his Twitter page with photos, Sonko claimed that the Newspapers and media cartels were now missing him. He further requested them to let him relax. Below are netizens reactions on his post above; "It's for selling newspaper alafu inafunga nyake. After Gen Badi dismantled your cartels supplied

  8 days ago

"Chuma Ni Ya Doshi," Comedian Jalango's Post That Left Netizens Talking

Felix Odiwuor, famously known by his street name as Jalang'o, is a comedian turned radio presenter.The veteran radio host works at Kiss FM radio alongside flamboyant radio queen Kamene Goro.The duo together hosts a show called the Morning Kiss.

  14 days ago

Kisii Man Commits Suicide Outside Church Building

The police in Kisii County,have started on why a man committed suicide.The residents of Boochi village woke up and found the body of Simeon Abuga Chuma, hanging from a tree outside a local

  12 days ago
Kisii Man Commits Suicide Outside Church Building

TBT: Singer Wahu Kagwi Shares a Photo of Herself in an Outfit That Nameless Made for Her.

Every Thursday, netizens hop onto the Throwback Thursday hashtag to reminisce on the sweet memories from the past by sharing photos online.

  13 days ago
TBT: Singer Wahu Kagwi Shares a Photo of Herself in an Outfit That Nameless Made for Her.

"Kumbe Newspapers and Media Cartels are Really Missing me?"-Sonko Sparks Reactions With latest Tweet

Former Nairobi county Governor Mike Sonko has sparked reactions online after issuing a Bold statement in response to an article on the Standard Newspaper on Tuesday 'inside the Tragic World of Sonko' online.Penning his thoughts in a post on his Twitter page on Tuesday in Response to the Article which focused on his Rise from a struggling businessman all the way to becoming the Second Governor of the county which holds Kenya's capital and his sudden fall from his Position, Sonko claimed that the Newspaper and Media Cartels were missing him and told them to let him enjoy his life as a regular citizen in peace, A statement which has illicited mixed reactions from Netizens.

  8 days ago

"I Have Spent So Much Money On Buying Chumas, I Am About To Sell My Kidney" Woman Tells

Owning a house is everybody dream, but the challenging part is the cost of building the house. The biggest challenging factor when building a house is the estimation error. There can be big difference between an estimated value of building the house and the true or real value. These has really discouraged a lot of people because prices of construction materials can go beyond your expectations. These construction estimation error has really hit this woman very hard until he has started to think of doing the unthinkable

  2 months ago