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"Cains Back In Schools?" See What CJ Martha Koome Reiterated On Recent School Children's Misconduct.

Following on more indiscipline cases by Kenyan school Children, the Chief Justice of Kenya's supreme court Martha Koome has given out declarations that are aimed at instilling discipline to school children. Since the time the ministry of education banned corporal punishment to children in Kenya, an increase of bad vices have been witnessed among students such as burning of schools, fighting teachers and even bullying of young teachers more especially female teachers by overgrown students/pupils.

  2 months ago ago


Cains prayer was answered and he was never cursed by God.

In all religious practices around the world, we believe in praying and sacrifice to our faith according to our beliefs. We make sacrifices of many types but the aim of them all is to entice our God to hear our prayers. We make some for thanksgiving and others we pray for long life. In the creation story of the Bible, we see the first child of the universe Cain with his brother making the first sacrifice to God. Now as portrayed in the Bible, Cains sacrifice never pleased God like his brothers. But he was blessed

  2 years ago ago
Cains prayer was answered and he was never cursed by God.