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President Yoweri Museveni Receives Bad News Ahead of His Win Confirmation
It’s Over for Bobi Wine! Latest Provisional Results from Uganda Shows Huge Gap
What Bobi Wine Supporters Said After Museveni's Vice President Losing Seat
Bobi Wine Breaks Silence on His Next Move Amid House Arrest
Audio: Bobi Wine Now Sends Message To Supporters From House Arrest
Latest Updates From Uganda as Bobi Wine Slowly Closes the Gap to Museveni
Blow to Bobi Wine and the NUP Supporters, as Museveni takes lead in the Presidential election
Ugandan Electoral Results Spark Debate Among People
Uganda Election: Tension High in Uganda after what Bobi Wine said, Museveni takes early lead.
Uganda's Electoral Commission Is Expected To Announce Presidential Election Winner Today.
Fear as Heavily Armed Military Officers With Machine Guns Jump The Fence Into Bobi Wine's Compound
Uganda Elections 2021:Final Results To Be Announced In The Evening
Bobi Wine Will Not Accept Rigged Presidential Election Results in Uganda
President Museveni Close To WINNING As Vote Tallying Is Almost Complete.
Ugandan presidential elections; Bobi Wine claims victory, media denied access to interview him.
Blow To Bobi Wine As EU Hails The Ugandan Electoral Body For Conducting Credible General Election
Relief For Bobi Wine As His Party ,The National Unity Platform Takes Some Parliamentary Slots
Bobi Wine Does A Phone Interview, Reveals He Is In House Arrest, Leaves Audio Message for Ugandans
Sky News Share A Disturbing Video Of Bobi Wine's Situation (Video)
Bobi Wine's Biography, Age, Education, Family, Music And Political Career.