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Hidden Meaning of Mercedes-Benz Logo

Mercedes-benz is a combination of two names which are Mercedes Jellinek and Karl Benz.Jellinek named the new cars after her daughter whose Spanish name translates to "mercy. "The company went ahead to have the "mercedes" trademark in 1902.The first variation of cars was comprised of name alone and later on a three pointed star was added.Mercedes-Benz products include Mercedes-AMG,Mercedes-Maybach,Mercedes me,Mercedes-Benz trucks and BharatBenz just to mention a few.Mercedes-Benz please logo has a three-pronged star which represents the automaker's drive towards universal motorization with it's engines dominating the land,sea and air.Initially the star was supposed to symbolize a power to rule three spheres.The company manufactures engines not only for cars but for planes and all kinds of navy transport too.The average cost of Mercedes emblem is between $16.99 and $69.99.The headquarters of the company is looking located in Stuttgart in Germany.The operating income is estimated 6.603 billion euros,net income at 4.009 billion euros and total assets at 285.737 billion euros.Thanks for reading the article and please share and comment.

  4 months ago ago
Hidden Meaning of Mercedes-Benz Logo