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"What A Nurse Did During Childbirth That Gave Me HIV Virus. It Ruined My Marriage." Angelica

Angelica Teddy painfully narrates how her visit to the doctor to give birth changed her life. She said that her marriage fell apart few months after giving birth to her seventh child. Angelica from Tanzania came to Kenya looking for greener pastures. She found a job as a househelp where she worked for a couple of years.

  10 months ago ago


"My Parents Abandoned Me After I Was Disabled. What People Did For Me Was Unbelievable." Angelica

Angelica's story will move you to tears as she narrated how her parents abandoned her after she suffered a disability. Her story was aired by Afrimax YouTube channel and people came through for her in her time of need. Angelica was born as the only child. Her parents were farmers and she attended the local kindergarten.

  10 months ago ago


"I Dropped Being a Lecturer to Focus on Comedy" Nigeria's Zicsaloma Reveals

Aloma Isaac Junior alias Zicsaloma is a Nigerian singer, comedian and actor known for acting several female characters such as Mama Desperate, Angelica, Mama Amazing Grace among others. He revealed in an interview with Oga Obinna that before he decided to be a full time comedian he was an English and Literature lecturer at Kaduna State Polytechnic in Nigeria.

  8 months ago ago