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The Untold Story Of Mike Oliver

Well Kenya has been known to be one of the best tourist destinations in the world as tourists flock visiting the country all year round to enjoy the cool weathers,white beaches and cool Kenyan culture. But one among the Wazungus by the name Mike Oliver had different ill intentions during his visit to the country.

Explaining about his intentions and what made him travel to Kenya,he said that a friend had told him that Kenyan women were easy to go which he never believed but he made a visit Kenya, where he saw and conquered. When he came for his holidays,he was on an uncanny mission where he found out that there is paid lodging services in major cities which he embraced quickly.

Explaining about his experience, he said that he went for all category of ladies,from short to tall,married and single as his sly mission was on course. As per him,a dollar which translates to 107 shillings melted our ladies as he never got tired of spending on them as long as he got paid back.

He rubbished rumors that he is infected with Immuno suppressive disease saying that if he had it,then the term I could be changed to We as his mission to Kenya was accomplished during his time in Kenya.

He pleaded not to be sacrificed as it was not all his fault for he dealt with adult ladies and paid for all the services he was given. But according to our Kenyan culture,such behavior is so shameful and no one has ever come out to brag on doing such evil to desparate women out there.

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