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7 Things That You Should Never Wear On Plane

I totally understand how stressful traveling can be and therefore, after doing some research, I've put together a list of 7 things that you shouldn’t wear on a flight so that your trip can go as smoothly as possible.

Flammable materialsDespite the fact that flight emergencies are rare, it’s always good to be prepared. There are some materials that are considered to be flammable, such as fringe and thin fabrics, like cotton and linen. But thicker fabrics are generally considered safer to wear in case of a fire.

High heelsThe airports are big places, and you need to wear comfortable walking shoes. High heels can be very troublesome in emergency situations. To add on that, high heels are not made of stretchy fabric and can often be tight. Keep in mind that, our feet tend to swell on long flights, therefore you should opt for comfortable and spacious shoes.

Not enough layersFlights are often kept on the colder side to help prevent fainting. The passengers may also feel colder than necessary because they’re not moving. And that's why it’s wise to wear more than one layer of clothing so that you can adjust to the temperatures accordingly.

Metal accessoriesWhile travelling, there might be metal in places that you wouldn’t expect, such as shoes, chewing gum wrappers, and the underwire in your bra. If you want to get through airport security faster, do not wear these items or remove them and store them in your carry-on beforehand. Setting off metal detectors can really slow you down, and no one wants to rush.

Perfume and cologneAlthough you may love the smell of your perfume, but other passengers on your flight may not. Air is circulated on flights, and you can’t just crack a window to let the smell out. You also won’t know if people have allergies to the ingredients in your perfume or cologne or if anyone on your flight has asthma triggered by perfume.

Wearing tight clothesSkinny jeans may look great, but they may make your flight to be very uncomfortable. Remember to wear something that allows proper blood circulation. Furthermore, longer flights may put you at risk of deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot that typically occurs in the leg). This condition could be exacerbated by tight clothes. Our bodies also tend to swell when we’re 42,000 feet in the air, and therefore your figure-hugging clothes may begin to feel like a second skin instead of a fashion statement.

Contact lensesAnd important fact that you need to remember is that, the air in a plane is differs from the air on land. This is because cabin air is circulated, and high altitudes result in lower humidity. This dry air can be irritating to the eyes, especially for those who wear contacts. For this reason, it’s suggested that passengers wear their glasses instead.

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