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5 Shortest Air Flights In The World

15 minutes

The destination is from Minamidaito to Kitadaito in Japan, passengers on board are 39 and it takes 4 flights per week. The flight between these two islands takes only 15 minutes and is made by small airplanes

10 minutes

The destination is Little Cayman Island and Cayman Brac or just the Cayman Islands; a ticket for this journey costs $54 a distance of 13 miles. There is a small plane that does the flight between these two islands and it doesn’t even gain high altitude

8 minutes

The shortest international flights takes just 8 minutes, the airplanes are relatively small with frequent flights. The distance is 13 miles and airplanes take two flights per day with 50 passengers on board. The cost is $45, there are other ways of traveling to these two cities like by ferry, or by car but they are 10 times as long

6 minutes

This is the flight between Inishmaan and Connemara in Ireland. It costs passengers only %54 a distance of 10 miles. Flights are made three times a day and 7 a week. This is the only way to travel between these two towns

2 minutes

With 8 passengers onboard from Westray to Papa Westray in the UK, this flight takes only 2 minutes. A distance of 1.7 mile and it costs 30 dollars. Only 6 flights are made a week and this is considered to be the quickest flight in the world. However there is a ferry going between the isle but the voyage will take 10 times as long

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