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Top 10 Best Buses In Kenya For You To Travel With During This Christmas Season [Opinion]

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Different bus companies here in Kenya have greatly advanced in providing essential services to their clients. This includes providing enough security to its clients while traveling, giving an offers during various events and seasons, employing qualified drivers and conductors among others.

As Christmas season is nearly approaching many Kenyans are aiming to travel on various occasions across different counties here in Kenya. During Christmas season many companies close earlier so that they can give their employees a great half time to join their families and spend time together while celebrating Christmas.

Today we are going to discuss various top ten beautiful buses here in Kenya for you to travel with during this Christmas vocation.

1 Modern Coast

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Modern Coast Kenya bus Ltd is among the top ten best buses companies here in Kenya. This company consists with beautiful long distance buses decorated with beautiful colors hence making them more attractive to Kenyans.

This buses are equipped with air conditioning systems, free Wifi connections, distanced sits etc. If you want to travel in counties like Mombasa, kisumu you can use this buses and you will never regret.

2 Mash Poa/ Mash Cool

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Mash poa or mash cool is another leading best bus companies here in Kenya. It offers good services to its clients and buses arrives their destinations on time. You can book this buses online via their website or visit their offices located across different counties here in Kenya.

3 Easy Coach

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Easycoach bus company is also ranked among the best companies here in Kenya especially giving luxurious services to its customers and also cases of road accidents are rare. If you want to travel this Christmas make sure easycoach buses is among the list of the buses that you want to travel with.

4 Greenline

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Greenline buses are among the best and beautiful luxurious buses here in Kenya that you should prefer using while traveling a long distance. Greenline bus company is among the leading best buses companies here in Kenya whereby the clients are given the best services including reception while booking those buses at companies offices.

5 Simba Coach

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Simba Coach buses are leading in giving their clients a good services including provision of free drinks eg water to its customers. Pedestrians enjoy a good services while traveling different destinations. Simba Coach buses are among the cool buses here in Kenya.

What other beautiful buses here in Kenya do you prefer while traveling with?.

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