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Ticket Price From Kenya To USA, Distance In Kilometers And Hours To Reach USA

As the world evolve,we have different means and mode of transport to reach different places of the world.For example,road and railway transport which is used on land to transport people and bulky goods to there destinations.On the other hand, water and air used to transport goods and people abroad, air for example is faster compared to all other means making it suitable for flower transport.Photo Courtesy.

Distance and hours

United States is far from Kenya hence the distance and time is very long.The approximate distance from Kenya to USA is measured to be about 13700km which is indeed far.

The time you will take to reach USA when you travel using a plane of an average speed of 560 miles per hour is about 16hours, although time varies.Photo Courtesy.

Ticket Price

A ticket price when you book it early varies from 80k to 120k, for the VIP is expensive,120k and above.

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