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Great Roads To Drive on in Kenya

Iten Viewpoint

On your way from Eldoret towards Kabarnet, you come across a snake of a road that is beautiful and dangerous. with the right car you can have the best day of your life (or the last) as you are headed to Lake Baringo.

Ikonge - Chebilat road

Located in Nyamira county, this road road is among the best in Kenya. With little to no traffic at all this road is great for those who love a thrill of speed. there are three well marked sets of bumps on the road which should spoil the fun but the scenery should make up for them.

Dongo-Kundu Bypass

This is the most memorable road for those who will travel to Mombasa for the first time. The tunnels will amplify the sound of your exhaust and give a boosted sweet sound. Even though the road is great for speeding, I would not advice that as the road has the best views of The Indian ocean, The Mombasa port and The Mombasa SGR terminus.

Sapache Meza

I do not suggest any other place you can test your top speed other than this straight. Traffic on this road is a story, that is why you need to visit the place so that your story would be told. Do not forget the photo you will take of this landmark will be used as a cover on your Legend.

Mombasa Road

Well, the list would not be complete without The Great Mombasa road. It is a combination of great straights, Nairobi grass, The SGR railway and The Tsavo. Here the views are to die for even if it is barren land. this is the only road in Kenya you can race with a fast train as they are just adjacent

The Express Way and Waiyaki way

This is remarkably Former President Uhuru's statement project. It has improved the flow of traffic in Nairobi greatly especially on Mombasa road. Even though it is paid for, it is great for enjoying the views of East Africa's GOAT City

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Chebilat Eldoret Iten Kabarnet Nyamira


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