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Things That Pilots are not Allowed to do.

Tattoos are designed forms of body drawings and modifications that involves inserting a permanent or temporary dye in the middle layer of the skin.

For the young generation who have a dream of becoming a pilot, a visible tattoo in their bodies might cause them this career. The question on whether a pilot has a tattoo will never miss in the airlines interview.

According to many airlines, pilots are not supposed to have a tattoo in their bodies since they are expected to portray a high degree of professionalism and trust to the members of the public.

Tattoos among the pilots is said to jeopardize the image of this noble profession and furthermore not all the passengers who are fond of tattoos as some view them as unprofessional.

Some airlines are very strict such that they will completely not hire a pilot with an invisible or a visible tattoo while others can hire only those with invisible tattoos.

Visible tattoos are those that are in body parts that are visible while invisible tattoos are found in body parts usually covered by clothes.

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