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Surprising Things Pilots are Not Allowed to do While in a Plane.

Piloting is one of the lucrative jobs in the world.It is the dream of many growing children to become pilots and fly an aeroplane.

When on a flight, here are some of the few things that pilots are not supposed to do:

Pilots are not allowed to eat the same type of food.

Pilots are not allowed to take the same type of food so that incase of complications that arise from food both will not be affected.

Pilots are not allowed to grow very thick bearded. This is because they fly to high altitudes of over fourty thousand feet.

This altitudes have low oxygen concentration and thus needs the help of an oxygen mask. Long beards may interfere with the oxygen mask.

The pilots are not allowed to have a chat when the plane is at a height of below ten thousand feet. Height below this level is considered to be very critical and hence the members of the cockpit need concentration.

When the plane is airborne, the cockpit should always have to pilots. Incase of the pilots wants to visit a washroom, a member of the cabin crew has to be called to stand in for him or her.

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