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Airline on The Spot After Carrying Excess Passengers Like Matatus in Kenya [Video]

We are used to seeing matatus carrying extra passengers in a method that we have now come to be acquainted with as "sambaza" in thee middle rows.

Picture courtesy. Image from the plane.

The "sambaza" seats are notorious across many matatus in the country as the overloaded matatus hope to make a quick buck from the extra passengers.

This is what has been seen in a video shared online of an airline in Somalia that apparently went ahead and carried an excess passenger.

Seated in the middle row, the passenger is not only a risk to himself but other passengers as well as it's unclear to the reasons why he was seated there.

In an exclusive video obtained by this writer, the passenger seats like how we normally do in Matatus when you are carried as an extra passenger.

This is not a common practice in airlines and the aviation industry has been asked to look into it as this is an endangerment to people's lives.

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