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Nature Never Cease To Amaze Us, Here Are 6 Places Where The Sun Never Sets For Almost Half A Year

During the summer, the sun does not set above the Arctic Circle. During the periods of constant sunshine last for up to six months of the year in these parts of the world.

We are going to explore the parts of the world where the sun never sets for some long period of time:

1. Iceland

This is one of the largest islands in Europe. It is said that the sun does not set from May 10 to the end of July.

2. Sweden

In many places in Sweden the sun does not set from May to August. There is no night here for about 100 days.

3. Alaska

In Alaska, whether you want to take a good look at the snow-decked mountains or plan to try some adventure sports, you can do it any time of the day for the sun just doesn’t set here! From the month of May till the month of July, the sun never sets.

4. Norway

Across the globe, Norway is known as the land of the midnight sun. For an extensive period of almost three months, the country experiences broad daylight. In fact, the sun tends to shine too glaringly around this time and the night is shrunk down to a span of 4 to 5 hours.

5. Canada

Canada is always covered with snow at certain times of the year.This strange phenomenon occurs in the northwest region, where the sun does not set for 50 days during the summer.

6. Finland

Many tourist visit Finland during summer. To experience the strange phenomena of the sun. The sun does not set for 76 days during summer.

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