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Images: The Uniquely Startling Village With No Roads, Cars and Only Canals with Electric Boats

In the current times we live todays, the thought of being in a place without roads is insanely absurd. Undoubtedly, roads are the widest and most common means of transport. Vehicles are easily accessible and thereby having roads is a necessity.

However, there is a Dutch Village without roads; there are no streets and no modern transportation. The only way natives and visitors move from place to another is through footpaths that connects building and canals for far distances.

For the curious tourists having their tours in the village, they are forced to leave their cars and means of transport outside the village and travel by boat within the village. The most common boat is the ‘whisper boat,’ that is electric, makes no noise and because diesel engines are not allowed.

The houses in the village are located in self-isolated and private islands that are connected by bridges. They are actually very many bridges in the village. To be precise, more than 180 bridges join houses in Giethoorn Village.

The Village is located in Overijssel Province, in Netherlands. It is popularly called “Venice of Netherlands.” The village is too quiet, too serene and remote in that the only noise one would here is the quacking of a duck and that of a bird.

Interesting facts about the Village

1.The name Giethoorn means ‘Goat Horns’ and was derived from the native inhabitants who reared goats with big horns.

2. In Winter season the canals freeze and are used for skating sport.

3. Most Visitors of the Village are Chinese who love the tranquility. The population of the people in the village is 2,620.

4. It one of the most scenic and unspoilt places to visit in Europe



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