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Top 5 Photos Of A Kenyan City Which Might Surpass Nairobi In Years To Come

Image courtesy: Google.

Nairobi City is the largest metropolitan area in Kenya which extends to an area of about 696 square kilometers and accommodates a population of about 4.3 million inhabitants. It's an essential business hub and transport center with excellent infrastructures in the country and the East African region thus making it the best place for investors. However, there are other cities developing cities that are likely to outdo Nairobi in future years.

To begin with, Mombasa is the oldest and second biggest city in our country which is a rich site for recreational and tourism activities. The city has warm sandy beaches, the best nightlife, and also the National museum which portrays the rich artifacts of the coastal natives. Moreover, the presence of well-paved roads and the standard gauge railway lines make the place accessible from most Kenyan parts.

Furthermore, Mombasa has the best architectural buildings with a unique appearance hence giving it a great appearance. The hospitality of the natives and fair working conditions has improved the city's reputation thus attracting many investors. Below are some of her photos depicting its beautiful look.

I think with technological advancements, Mombasa City can develop and outdo Nairobi in some years to come. What are your opinions guys? Please share your thoughts in the comment section and follow us for more updates.

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