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Check Out The Only Country In The Whole World with 3 Capital Cities, See Photos And Their Functions

Read and see photos below:

No matter how many large cities are found in a country, it is universally accepted that at least one of them serves as the nation's capital. Consequently, it is quite uncommon to find a nation with more than one capital city. As a result, today I'd like to introduce you to the only nation in the world with three capitals. South Africa is the nation.

The three capital cities of South Africa are Pretoria, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town. The executive branch of government is based in Pretoria, the judicial branch is in Bloemfontein, and the legislative branch is in Cape Town. What a fantastic story! Also included is Johannesburg, one of the biggest cities in the nation.

These cities are also far more gorgeous; in fact, Capetown was chosen as the best city to visit due to its spectacular beaches and first-rate amenities. Naturally, it is also safe to remain in a city, and it is often believed that when you travel to a city, you won't even notice the absence of your home.

Below are some of their photos:

1. Pretoria City

2. Bloemfontein City

3. Cape Town City


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