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Plane Crash

Astonishing Things Pilots Are Not Allowed to Do

Becoming a pilot it takes one long time big learning and growing experience. Being able to fly a machine carrying people or any other important things requires a lot knowledge and self trust. In their day to day duties, there some things pilots are not allowed to do in their line of duty. 

Pilots are not allowed to eat the same food for the fear that one of them may develop complications. Imagine a situation where both pilots are not sober, the situation may cause a fatal accident. Bathroom and cockpits must have atleast two people at one time during the flight.

When one of the Pilots needs to relieve themselves, the other one cannot be left a lone for any second during the flight. The plane can be handled by the two Pilots. Also, a member of the cabin crew has to be called into the flight deck when any one of the pilots wants to leave.

Pilots uniforms are unique and very prestigious because their appearances matters. It's easy to locate a pilot. They dress on a very unique clothes and they usually look very neat. Music is also not allowed in the cockpit but while on the sky the pilots are allowed to pass time by sharing stories or their past experience.

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