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Road Accident

Forget About The Titanic, Here is a Ship 5 Times Bigger Than it

For many years, the Titanic has been known because of its famous accident in 1912. The sinking is something that was never expected. Several people were killed with only a few left to survive. It was so sad. This accident gave the Titanic fame. In fact, if you mention cruise ships to someone new to cruising, the Titanic, trust me will be the next ship in his or her mind. It is not because it was the largest ship, there are several other ships bigger than it. It is nowhere close.

However, this is just too big to be called a ship, even though it's a ship. It's five times bigger than the Titanic. It is the fourth oasis class cruise ship to be launched. This ship is none other than the Symphony of the Seas. It is the world's largest ship. It is 1,184 ft 5.0 in length.

Inside the ship is packed and beautiful with all forms of luxury. It has 25 pools, whirlpools, flow rider surf simulators and water slides. Getting around the ship is also quite easy. It also has several staterooms. This ship is just too big. I believe it looks incredible.

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