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Breathtaking Images Of Egypts Desert City Under Construction

Egypt is one the countries in the whole wide entire world that boosts of archeological history that spans decades.

It being the cradle of mankind with relations dated back in BC to it's current state is just overwhelming.

Arguably, Egypt is also the first country to engage in farming despite it being a desert.

The farming experience in Egypt dates back in time formally known as Mesopotamia.

Apparently Egypt is now building a new city situated at the heart of the country's desert.

The city boosts of state of the art artitecture mastered by the best artitecture personnel in the world.

The city will hold several state of art modern stadiums that will elavate the new city's standards.

Sharing this news was co-operate lawyer Donald Kipkorir whom asked Kenyans to look at what other countries were doing in terms of development. The maverick lawyer acknowledged this to good governance by a stable government.

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