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The Only 7-Star Hotel In The World With a Golden Appearance, Take a Look

I have seen quite a number of luxurious hotels but not until I saw the Burj Al Arab in Dubai the only known 7-star hotel in the world. Luxury over there is more than you can imagine. The hotel was first opened in 1999 when Dubai was taking shape, today it beats all other hotel across the world with its exquisite appearance and facilities that none can afford and it was estimated to have cost 1 billion dollars to build. Its 970 feet above sea level and its build on an artificial island to give it the appearance of a sail rising from the water. To give this complicated piece of architecture a shape there are 250 concrete columns underneath the building and the island which go 148 feet deep under the sea in other words you have nothing to worry about staying there. There are two ways to access the island and arrive for your luxurious vacation, you can either take the complimentary rolls Royce from the airport which is the most preferable or you can use a helicopter to the helipad that is on the top floor of the hotel. On entering the main entrance, the lobby of the hotel is quite a site, its decorated with warm colors that make the visitors to move it more and more. There are Gold colors, Gold features ang Gold furniture’s. The hotel uses 20,000 square feet of Gold leaf for decoration that’s nearly half an acre. The floor on the lobby are made of a sartorial marble which is the most expensive in the world. There are golden escalators which rises besides a very large aquarium one among the three in the hotel and then a fountain that shoots water 130 feet in air. There are 202 rooms in the hotel each with a golden coating. The most basic room is $2700 per night. Apparently, there is a ratio of 6 employees to 1 guest. This is the only hotel that worth to spend a nice vacation as you can go to the top the gold elevators that take seconds to the top and

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