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Most Mysterious Places in The World- Edibles Bats nests, A Town under Water And More.

The earth is the third largest planet which is 6371 kilometers,with about 29% of the surface consist of continents and island.The remaining 71% percent consist of water mostly oceans,lakes and rivers which forms the hydrosphere.There so many unique and inhabited place in the world and we going to explore a number of mysterious places found across the globe.

The Italian 'Ghost town'-Our first mysterious place lies in Italy, the medieval ghost town lie beneath a lake and may soon reappear after 25 years, this Italian Atlantis is known as 'Fabbriche di Careggine' it was a home for more than 150 residents,made of 31 houses and a stone church during the 12 century.For hundred of years the town was inhabited with artisan blacksmith who made iron tools and were skilled workman.But in 1946 it met its end when an hydroelectric company Enel built a dam around the valley and the villagers were moved to nearby villages and the town was flooded to give birth to artificial lake Vagil.For around 75 years the village has sat beneath the lake and visitors have had four chances to walk beneath it,when the dam was drained for dam maintenance.This ancient town may soon be resurrected as there are plans to drain the dam in 2021 according to rumors.This place has been a spectacle among the tourist and will attract tourist who love ancient site seeing.

Borneo Malaysia-Bats nest Are a Delicacy-Our next mysterious place takes us to the jungle of Borneo in Malaysia, inhabited by caves and lies a coronary secret beneath the cave there is secret which the locals risk their lives.In this cave swallow nest(bats nests) are collected the yield is a million dollar industry in Malaysia, which is a delicacy in china a portion of the swallows nest can cost up-to 120 euros because it is a true delicacy among them.The collection of the swallows nest is a dangerous tasks but this is the life of the Borneo people, it earns the a daily income.Deep in the fores they go to collect the nests which are refined,sorted and then exported to China where they fetch a handsome price which are sold in the restaurants.The people of Malaysia also go as to artificially farm the swallows nest by building cave like structure with installed speakers that transmit the sound of Bats to attract them to build nest to breed then after they have abandoned their nest they collect the gummy like nest and sell them to the Chinese.

Alaska-Dr Seuss House aka The Goose Creek Tower-Our next mysterious place is in the United States of America (USA) among one of the largest counties in the (USA),Alaska is the most extreme and cold wilderness laying in the north west part of the country.In this inhabited place lies a mysterious tower called the Dr Seuss House nickname the Goose Creek tower where the houses are built on top of each other which goes 50 meters into the sky the house was built by an individual who built the house Philip Weidner, reason for building the house was to be able to have a perfect view of the Alaska mountains.The most mysterious thing about this house it weighs 14,000 pounds and its made of wood.Next time you visit Alaska make sure to book a trip to this mysterious place.

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