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Oldest Town In Kenya It's Not Nairobi or Mombasa

A majority of people know the top towns that we have to be also the oldest which is not the case. In this article, we are going to see the oldest town in Kenya. Take your few minutes and go through the article and know more about it.

Lamu Town

Lamu Town is a small town that is located on the Kenyan coast. It's based in Lamu county on Lamu island. The town is more than 300 km northeast of Mombasa. It was founded 651 years ago ( 1370). This town covers an area of 15.6 hectares. Many years ago it was referred to as Amu.

This town apart from being the headquarters of Lamu county it's a UNESCO world heritage site. This is because of the vast evidence of the things that were in the past.

Muslim is the common religion among the residents of this town. The total population of the persons in this town is approximately 25,385 as per the 2019 census. The Lamu fort was constructed by Fumo Madi and was completed in the early 1820s after his death.

Year's ago the means of transport that existed in the area was the use of donkeys. There are more than 3000 donkeys that are used for this. Donkey sanctuary was built in the year 1987 to offer free medication to the donkeys. It was built by Doctor Elizabeth Svendsen of the donkey sanctuary in England.

This is just a summary of the town. To know more about it follow to get more updates from us.

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