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8 Countries with the Strictest Laws

Equatorial Guinea

First of all, this country doesn't receive a lot of tourist because of strict law. Tourists here are prohibited and strictly monitored from showing or even filming how conditions are in this place. People who leave in this place are discouraged from reading or even writing. 

Saudi Arabia

The laws in this place are deeply connected with religion and tradition. Women are the one who are strictly monitored by the law, for instance women are not allowed to wear casual clothes, and they should only be with a relative if its a man. Apart from that, their access to internet is also strictly monitored. 


Here, no one can talk anything negative about the government; this might get you into trouble. The government is based on Sharia Law, social media platforms can also get you into trouble because they are also strictly monitored. Women must dress according to the law and men cannot have any other hairstyle unless prescribed by Islam. Western music is also prohibited alongside alcohol beverages. 

North Korea

It is one of the most private countries with a lot of strict rules. Nowadays, North Korea is the only one that is still purely communist. The government of North Korea accepts other countries apart from South Korea and United States, tourists here are assigned tour guides who will assist them from the time they arrive until they complete their tour. Also, the only one who can access the internet is the ruling elite and their activities online are also strictly monitored.


The country is located in Africa; the News and its writer are totally controlled by the government and the president. News must be approved first by the president's office before proceeding to broadcast. Religion is also controlled here; public worship is actually not allowed


It is one of the countries where most people visit to enjoy their holidays and other things. Speaking against the government of this country will get you into trouble; writers who talk negative things about the government can be arrested and jailed. However, partying and enjoying is acceptable but not reggaeton music


It is one of the most successful countries with a great economy today. Despite all the incredible achievements and development, the country is also a communist, nobody should cross their government. The anti-government and any propaganda are traced and everyone behind it is silenced. 


Unlike other countries that i have mentioned above, in Singapore things are different. The following behavior might cost you; spitting, smoking and even dressing inappropriately might make you end up in jail. 

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Equatorial Guinea Saudi Arabia


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