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The Deepest Swimming Pool In The World Holding more 14 Million Litres of Water.

Dubai is home of the deepest swimming pool ever build in the world. At 60 meters (197feet underwater, divers can explore a sunken city, navigating through caves. The swimming pool holds 14.6 million liters equivalent to 4 million gallons of water which measures the same as 6 Olympic size pools. The pool is also the regions largest underwater studio in the world. Its equipped with numerous underwater technology which includes 56 underwater cameras served up to the surface stack and a dive safety station sound speakers down to 15 meters ,there are also more than 150 lights throughout and the ability to control mood by closing out shutters and blacking out of the facility and then adjusting the lights intensity everywhere in the facility. Dubai is renowned for its long list of worlds records including being the home to the tallest building in the world, the biggest fountain in the world and having the fastest roller coaster in the world. One-hour drive will cost you between $135 to $410.Visitors who would prefer to stay dry can look in and from an underwater tunnel. The water in the pool comes from a thermal well so it does not need chemicals and the water naturally stays clean through out as it has over 10 employees to maintain it. The swimming pool is currently opened by invitation only and will soon be open for the public.

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