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3 Things That Are Common In Nairobi And Addis Ababa City.

Photo: Illustrating Addis Ababa.

Most nations in Africa are struggling to get urbanized as they continue advancing in terms of economy and technology. This is becoming a reality each day as evidenced with modern architectural buildings being established in the continent. We are going to focus on two amazing cities and what they have in common.

To start with, Addis Ababa is the largest capital city of Ethiopia located in the highlands that lie adjacent to the Great Rift Valley. It's an essential metropolitan area that serves as an administrative center, transport, and commercial hub. Moreover, it has a small zoo located in a park near the university, and the lake region, which is a short drive to the south, has facilities for boating, waterskiing, bathing, and bird-watching.

Image: showing the appearance of Nairobi.

On other hand, Nairobi is the biggest capital city in Kenya. It has a wide range of facilities including tourist attractions sites and open-air markets which enhance trade. The two urban areas have similarities in many ways as follows;

Both Addis Ababa and Nairobi have modern expressways, highways, and well-paved tarmac roads which connect them to other parts of the country to ease traffic congestions. Furthermore, the two of them contain digital buildings, excellent communication facilities, and good education systems. Also, the metropolitan population of inhabitants in the above cities is four million in each of them.

Image:Addis Ababa and Nairobi Expressways.

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