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Coldest Place in The World Where it is 98% Covered in Ice

The beautiful and adventurous Continent is called Antarctica.It is the southernosr Continent in the world that has the geographic South Pole where all longitudes meet.It is located in the Antarctic region of the Antarctic circle sorrounded by the southern ocean.It is the fifth largest continent covering an area of 14,200,000square kilometers of land and the least densely populated with a varrying population of 1,000 to 5,000 people according to seasons.The continent is the coldest in the world which is about 98% is covered by ice.The largest cities are research stations in the area.

Antarctica has no bank with only two Automatic Teller Machines which are serviced by NCR customer engineers.The first one was installed by Wells Fargo bank at the largest science hub in the continent called,MC Murdo Station which is the world's loneliest ATM while the second one is a new 6625 model that was installed in 2011.One is operational at any point in time while the other is used as a backup.It takes a period of 10 months to complete a single money replenishment service and no ATM fees is charged.

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Antarctica Automatic Teller Machines MC Murdo Station


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