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If You Can't Get It, Create It: Amazing Couple Makes A Portrait Of French Iconic Structure

An amazingly creative couple decided to create a portrait of the iconic French Tower which stands in Paris city. This is according to picture posted by famous blogger and freelance journalist Gerald Bitok on his official Facebook page.

It is a dream for many people especially in African countries to visit some of the most iconic places in the world which includes the one pictured on the photograph. Other famous places where people want to visit include Australia, Miami in the United States of America, the pyramids of Egypt and the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve in the Kenyan tropical area.

The identity of the couple is yet to be established, but provisional information indicates that they are white people from one European country domiciled within the low class category of citizens.

The couple made the iconic portraits using locally available materials such as scrap metals and heavy metals which are remains of other existing metallic structures.

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