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Reasons Why Many Rich Women Fall In Love With Beach Boys

A wealthy woman frolicking along the beach [file photo]

There has been a trending story about an old beach boy, one Omar Lali from Lamu who was in a romantic relationship with a wealthy and beautiful upcountry girl called Tecra Karanja.

Unfortunately the end of that relationship had a tragic end unlike the "happy forever thereafter" in fairy tales.

But pray, why do wealthy, educated and pretty women especially those many white women who frolic our ever warm beaches fall in love with rugged looking "Beach Boys" found along the coastline of Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu?

There are very very many reasons why find allure, love and romance among these men who are always boys, play boys and some of the most compelling are:

1. Bad Boy looks and mannerisms

Most of these beach boys are oftentimes specimen of male virility, they are physically quite attractive to women indulging in leisure and holidaying.

They have gleaming teeth, superbly toned muscles with no trace of fat and openly parade these attributes to female holiday goers.

Beach boys are charmers per excellence don't be cheated. They are smooth talkers and have a knack for reading women moods and deciphering their needs and hence they know what Strings to pull, they have honed this skill and are able to easily lure ladies through charm, heroic mannerisms and traditional seduction language plus many more seduction antics from their brimming quivers.

They behave as if they have no care in the world but to serve and please their queens which most women would find irresistible.

2. Beach Boys are Masters of their ecosystem

The beach boys as their name denotes are the masters of the coastline. They fully understand every cranny and crevice of the open seas. Most of them are boat riders and will take the female visitors on thrill rides and fishing escapades in deep seas wooing their female funs with their diving stunts under clear glassed boat decks beneath coral reefs and other oceanic landmarks, they catch all manner of sea creatures to the consternation and admiration of their female friends.

3 - Purveyors

The beach boys are also purveyors of items and goods not found in mainstream shops such as customised artefacts, Khat and other banned substances such as marijuana and drugs. As they supply and partake these substances with wealthy tourists, both local and foreigners, love blossoms and romantic relationships are born.

4. They give maximum PLEASURE

Finally, and this is the main reason, the overriding one. The hunger and need for PLEASURE and FANTASY is what draws most of the women to these boys.

In the whole most of these wealthy ageing women mainly from Europe, Australia and North America are pleasure hunters. Divorced, single or widowed and having lots of cash to spare from savings, alimony, inheritance or pensions, the women carefully choose their destinations with the ultimate aim of living and fulfilling their fantasies and fetishes.

Most of the beach boys for good measure masquerade as ethnic "Maasais", with their ochre painted hair, they hold their wannabe spears and thrills their "prey" with tales of killing marauding lions in the African jungle before they qualified to be Morans (The Independent). These tales play into the fantasies of the women tourists who are swept off their feet into make believe romantic escapades by their young suitors.

Finally the beach boys are masters in giving pleasure and their fame and notoriety is known and widespread. From sources most of the Austrian, Swiss, Italian, Dutch wealthy women come to our beaches in search of the repertoire of pleasure skills possesed by this beach warriors. Indeed among these are oral sexual skills and services that are doled in immeasurable quantity and quality making them hooked coming again and again, and after the corona phase they will be back you can take that to the bank.

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