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Alook At Kendu Bay Town.

Kendubay is one of the oldest towns in Homabsy count of Nyanza region.Its growtb is attributed to the rich fishing activities along the lake and early settlement of the Seventh Day Adventist Missionaries.However,avisit to the old town leaves you with a sharp contrast of the once prestigious meeting point of many people.The gradual disappearance of the Homa hills Disappear far away as one approaches thphoto:The Homa hills(at the back)

Boats are seen at the horizon but as you moved neaerer,their size increases.Men,women and children throng at the shores and cling on the boats, ones they are a chored to download the fish. Theur prices are negotiated according to size and type of the fish..The tilapia which has become rare because of overfishing fetches the highest price. It t is followed by mudfish,Mbuta Ngege and the small fish,wrapped in old news Mongers.

Leaving the fishing site,one follows twisting allays boarded by full dutstybins.Cows and afew scavenging birds are seen hovering on the dirt harpazadly .Scared hungry dogs snarl mouths as they struggle to survive tucking their noses into the rotten garbage but are gored away by the domineering

It pities astranger to watch the sight as they divert their minds to the ones prestigious historical small port.Desparate women are selling bottled at the increased prices because the natural one at the lake, has turned mud red.The extension of floating pale vegetation the hyacinth, darkens the hope of visitors here.After padding the ganbage ,the shanties occupied by the Muslim community at the South Western corner of the town beckon you.This is the place they call home. Thanks to the aquiet and attractive Muslim primary school at the vicinity,the only one that suggest development place called home.

When you are returning from the abandoned beach through the northern street,Kendu Adventist Mission hospital is at sight.The walls have turned ashy with age.The receceotiin by the staff who are few has a silent language that seem to tell the strangers-we are abandoned. Whether this a signature desponfency remains a story for s nother day. The floor is unscrapped,aclear manifestation that visitors are rare to the Hospital.

A visitor may want to proceed to other famous Kendu Adventist buidings but there is no any sign post to show direction.Tired with guess work,one leaves Kendubay not as happy as they planned to visit it with excitement. One idea remains taunting the traveller, there is need to overhaul the infrastructure of the town.

Content created and supplied by: Kerutwambogayao (via Opera News )

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