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What Many Kenyans Do Not Know About Takawiri Islands In Lake Victoria- Kenya

Over a very long period of time, Sandy beaches,palm trees, cool breeze and blue waters are synonymous with the Kenyan coast line only. These is what you will always have in mind untill you visit Takawiri Island.

Lake Victoria also known as "Name Lolwe" according to residents of Nyanza province, was named after queen Victoria by John Speke in 1858 when he was on a mission to find the source of river Nile.

Most of the Lake Victoria islands are characterised by narrow silt beaches where fishermen dock their boats after finishing during day time, narrow foot paths, women warshing their clothes and utensils at the shores and young children swimming at the shallow parts of the Lake.

Lake Victoria have more than 19 islands documented but very little information is available on Takawiri islands. Indeed it is a unique islands with Sandy beaches and palm trees.

It takes a one hour boat ride from Rusinga islands to Takawiri and once you step in to the beautiful island, you wont believe your eyes infact you would think you had use another turnel to the coast.

At the beach, you will feel the hot crystalline sand between your feet, the cool breeze on your face, the whistling palm trees, the calm birds and soothing sound of the gentle waves crashing on the shore.

You should not forget that there is also a resort at the island known as Takawiri Island resort. Also note that upon getting to Takawiri beach, you should carry yourself with five hundred shillings hotel charges.This is because it is a private property.

Everything in Takawiri is refreshing.The location ambiance, nature and the people. Infact Takawiri is the master of all fine things 'coastal' feel at the lake side, birds watching paradise, photography grounds, beach hotels,perfect place to catch sunset, fishing grounds and generally a place to just chill, read a book, meditate and see life in it's natural form.

When it comes to meals, you should not panic uppon stepping it to Takawiri islands. There are several types of meals prepared by experienced cheffs.There are all types of fish you would like to taste, all types of traditional vegetables and all kinds of drinks.

Don't hesitate to visit Thailand or Japan coastal beaches yet we have a small Thailand at Lake Victoria.

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