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Why Flight Attendants Greet All The Passengers On The Plane

We all know that flight attendants are very kind and they usually treat all passengers with etiquette. One flight attendant shared on her TikTok account why they interact with all the passengers when they are getting into the plane. It is not just because they are kind, there is another reason behind it.

Kat Kamalani is the lady who shared the long hidden secret to people. She said that during the time they are talking to you with bright smiles on their faces, they are scrutinizing you to find out your strengths with which you can help them in case of an emergency.

They refer to these people as ABS (able bodied people). These people include doctors, nurses, fire fighters and even the military personnel. As you board the plane, they make an assessment of you and also look at your ticket for more details.

Even during the flight, they continue to talk to passengers to identify those who have the potential to help during an emergency. They always remember where you sit so that they can come to you directly if something you can help with pops out.

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